Little Oyinbo Girl Presents Yoruba Cultural Dance

Little Oyinbo Girl Presents Yoruba Cultural Dance

Internet users are having a field day watching the most adorable video clip of oyinbo girl identified as Fidora Okolanwon presenting cultural dance in Nigeria’s Yoruba language.

Instagram user, Lekan_Kingkong shared the video on his social media page and many have agreed that it is the cutest thing they’ve seen on the internet in a while.

Asides the little girl speaking and singing in flawless Yoruba, she was dressed in native aso oke attire from head to toe and even looked regal with a tiny gele tied on her head. She was also spotted wearing a red bead just as in the Yoruba culture.

With the camera focused on her, she proceeded to make her presentation, first greeting in Yoruba before singing a welcome song in the native language. The brilliant child introduced herself as Fidora Okolanwon and made a stellar presentation of a Yoruba nursery rhyme.

Her performance showed that she has been learning a lot about the Yoruba culture and has adopted some parts of the culture subconsciously.

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