The Ceo of Ally Hill says he has always been a millionaire before even becoming rich

The Ceo of Ally Hill record label Shawn Bertram Idoko was recently spotted with hushpuppi as they discuss possible business deals together.

Shawn who is a US base is also the Owner of Ally Hill records.

He recently has words of encouragement to new and upcoming musicians who wants to venture.

In his recently release video clips.

he said before he got rich he had already had the mindset of a billionaire in him.

He also said, Never let money define you, try and rest, never love people for money, always try to respect them, try to understand whether the have money or not. Do not come to someone because you think they have money, let the love be real.

I was a multi millionaire before becoming rich. Just be rich in your mind and let it go.

So being rich is basically a thing of the mind. when you have the mind set, you can work towards achieving any set goals.

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