Breaking: Khafi at risk of loosing her job as a cop as Top UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ report Khaffi sex scene in Bigbrother Naija house.

A top UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ has report the current bigbrother naija housemate khafi sex news.

Remember some days back Khafi was reported to have had sex in the Bigbrother house with her boyfriend Gedoni.

Though the news is still not verified but it seems One of the Top UK newspaper has report the news which is going to put her job as a cop in jeopardy.

Khafi was a cop in the UK for the past 12 years until she decided to come home to participate in the Bigbrother Naija Season 4.

Khafi make mention of her not being sure of her UK job if she is out of the house.

We hope this doesn’t spoil her repetition or tarnish her long build image.

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